Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Indescribable Crimes

The thugs proved again today their devilish, dirty and disintegrated personalities by their filthy acts against all people irrespective of their ages and condition.

The two acts which showed the inside selves of these cockroaches are the blow up of the main water station which supply Baghdad and the explosion which targeted beggars in front of two Mosques in the South of Baghdad (Mahmodyiah) and West of Baghdad.

The suicidal mentally retarded devil targeted today two Shia Mosques after the Friday prayer, one in Mahmodyiah and the other in Baghdad. During the Friday prayer some poor and needy especially children come in front of Mosques to beg for some money that worshiper may give as charity especially in Eid and Friday as today. At the time the beggars gathered to ask the worshipers who finished their prayer for some money, the filthy cockroach directed his bobby trapped car and exploded him-self to kill the beggars including children. Here, we fail to find the suitable words to describe this act and those who committed or supported it. It is the hate and the inferiority of such devils and the doctrine of Wahabism which support it.

The other crime was the explosion of the main water station which cut the water supply from Baghdad completely. It led to flooding of the area near Tarmyiah north Baghdad after the thugs dynamited the main pipe out of the station. It is also resulted in wasting large amount of water. The affected people are children, patients, elderly, women, men, even animals and plants. It is another crime which we are unable to describe in simple terms at all.

The first crime was so disgusting to the point that Al-Jazeera TV got no excuse but to contact one of her thugs in Iraq who said that the Americans are the one who did it. This is the first time we hear about an American suicidal thug against the beggars! What a rubbish explanation and rubbish mentalities.

The crimes of these thugs won't end after death but they are criminals against the bodies of their preys after death! No language may be able to describe such thugs!

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