Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is Abo Mosaab Zarqawi Arrested?

The terrorist attacks in Iraq are escalating as the election date becoming closer. Preventing the election is to achieve two main things. The first is to prevent real democratic changes in Iraq which may affect the regional dictatorship states and not less important aim is to prevent creation of an elected National Assembly and government so as to keep the excuse of resisting an interim appointed government rather than having an elected government.

The media now a day are only showing the iceberg part of the actual attacks which is the major ones. However the real atmosphere is more than just a little news.

One of the main attacks is the assassination of the governor of Baghdad Ali Al-Haidari (Shiite Muslim) today. Al-Haidari has been targeted and escaped one assassination before in Sep 2004. He was killed early morning while in his way from home to work. Since the last attempt and the soaring of the threats of attacks Al-Haidari and many other officials changed routes and used many security tactics to avoid assassinations, therefore, and again his assassination strongly pointed out to the existence of many spy agents for the terrorists groups inside the Iraqi Police and forces.
It is highly likely that the Interior Minister is a big agent for these terrorist himself. He probably keeps blind eye or even working with these agents.

In another development about the soaring of the attacks is the use of big oil tankers instead of small cars in the suicidal attacks. Few months ago the terrorists used dead baby wrapped with explosives in a hospital ground. Now they used the same tactic but with dead adult bodies and trapped houses after a call to pull the Iraqi forces there. At least 3 Iraqi Police wounded one of them died later after they tried to pull a dead body from a river in Tall-Aafar north Baghdad. The terrorist killed the man and they trapped his body with explosive before they throw it in the river, no matter if it is going to blow children or adults or even animals!

At the moment there are heavy fighting going on between the US and Iraqi forces against the insurgents in several areas in Mosel.

Many attacks occurred today resulted in at least 25 killed and many wounded. In one of these attacks 3 British were among the dead and several US soldiers were killed by other attacks and at least one Turkish driver.

In Balad (north Baghdad) the body of an Iraqi contractor has been found shredded by bullets beside the river.

In Omara (south) 2 Shiite clergy men have been killed today.

Several polling stations have been targeted in various regions.

By this time the so called (Hiyat Olama Al-Moslemen) which is pro-Wahabi group, for boycotting the election whether it is done now or postponed. They explained that the election is only a tool used by the US to legalise its occupation of Iraq.
Earlier Usama Bin Laden called for boycotting the election and engaged himself to disturb that. It is not by chance then for this group to reiterate UBL call.

Again there are strong indications from the Kurdish sources about the news of the arrest of Abo-Mosaab Al-Zarqawi in Baqoba. Whether or not this terrorist was arrested and awaiting the DNA analysis we will get it live as soon as we know more.
We have to mention that the same Kurdish sources were the first to announce the arrest of Saddam and his deputy even before the US forces did so.
We will get more news as soon as it is available!

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