Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Attacks and counter attacks

More attacks in Iraq and more victims killed and wounded today.

The good news is that the archbishop Basil George Cassmousa has been released in Mosel today.

Eight Chinese workers have been kidnapped and threatened to be killed within 48 hours if their government not giving satisfactory evidence that these workers are not working with the American forces in Iraq.

In Latyfiyah south Baghdad 13 Iraqi Guards have been kidnapped, while in Najaf 4 Iraqi police killed and 14 wounded.

In Kut the eldest son (30 yrs) of Ali Sistani representative has been killed while in one of the internet cafes. His father is among the members of the Iraqi Coalition party which may be supported by Sistani.

Unconfirmed reports that Tariq Aziz and other 3 others among Saddam regime members may be released soon! This is none-sense and ridiculous. How you may release them before a trial.

On the other hand the officials in the Interim government mentioned that they counter-attacked terrorists in some areas and arrested some. Among the arrested is the leader of Insar Sunnah in Kurkuk.

Dr Ahmed Chalabi raised the issue of 500 million dollars sent by Hazeem Al-Shalan the Defence Minister and Iyad Alawi to Beirut. This may have been used for election propaganda.
From their side Iyad Alawi party accused the Iraqi Coalition of having the support of Ali Sistani.

We think that AS is an Iraqi citizen and he got the right to give his voice to whoever he like to and so there is nothing wrong if he supports one party.

We think it is not right to use the state money or its media by the government for its benefits whether in election or any thing else. The government should also answer the question about the allegations regarding the 500 millions dollars.

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