Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem


The intensified raid on specifically selected targets in Mosel, Baghdad, Ramadi and south of Baghdad in the triangle of death is likely to be based on important information from highly important sources among the terrorists.

Some of these sources have been shown recently confessing in the TV like the leader of Jaish Mohamad who was a general in Saddam's special army. However these information is probably beyond the arrest of one big head only.

There are a lot of ramous here in Iraq that the Jordanain Abo-Mosab Zarqawi has been arrested probably more than 2 weeks ago in Diyala.
He left Falluja to Mosel immediately before the fight. Zarqawi and more than 120 among his followers considered 3 options, Ramadi, Mosel and Baquoba. They chose Mosel because their reinforcement, supplies and communication occur mainly via the west especially from Syria. Mosel therefore became their first choice however he ordered some of his followers to leave to Baghdad, the triangle of death, Baquoba, Ramadi and the rest joined him to Mosel.
Their plan was exactly same as it was used in Falluja which is based on creating fear and intimidation to get people to submit to their will. They tried and succeeded to control some police station and arms initially but the rapid response of the Iraqi forces and the US troops plus the unwillingness of the people to accept them in their city abort their plan quickly.

Zarqawi then felt unsafe and he with very few followers escaped disguised toward the east south of Mosel. He was spotted at least twice by the Kurdish sources but was unable to capture him. He passed throw several villages with suspicion especially in Hemreen mountains until he reached Diyala. The people there were certain after that he has been captured and they spoke about it with certainty but suddenly every thing went into standstill.
The Saudi man who was shown in the TV recently said that he heard from the Mujahdeen that Zarqawi was arrested by the Iraqi guards for few hours but was then released! This means one thing only which is that the news of Zarqawi arrest was true and his followers knew that. They were unable to refute the news so as they tried to cover it with lies by saying that he was released after captured. They try to carry their attacks by pushing the fooled ones for that.

In conclusion there are strong indications about the arrest of Zarqawi who provided much information about his thugs which led to the intensified specific raids. This is probably the reason why he was not shown immediately.

It seems to be the announcement of Zarqawi arrest is just a matter of time, possibly in the next few days or weeks?

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