Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Pictures from the voting stations!

More than 35 martyred killed by suicidal attacks but much less than the words of the criminals when they said that they will wash the street of Baghdad with the blood of the Iraqis and their children.

This is the remaining of one of the suicidal cockroaches who went to the deepest layer of the Hell!

This is for the terrorists!

Some Iraqis wear shrouds as a symbol that they are ready to die for their freedom!

A pregnant woman insisted to vote and she gave birth in the voting station!

Elderly woman carried by her sons to vote!

Long queues since early morning until after the polling stations closed!

Old, young, men and women even children in their own way!

Handicapped by previous terrorist attack determined to vote!

Old person helped by their relatives to come for votes!

A man in Falluja queue told after finish voting that he don't like to oppose but to be like all other Iraqis and vote for free Iraq!!

Unexpected long queues in Baquoba in spite more insurgents there as well as in Mosel!!

For some it was emotional!

Large demonstrations happened in several areas of North Mosel because large turn out of people went to the polling station since early morning but for an unknown reason the polling boxes haven't reached there. This is may be due to security reason in these areas. People then demonstrated because they were unable to cast their voices! Is it not a big challenge to the cockroaches' thugs!

Today is the day in which the democracy and freedom born in the heart of the Middle East, in Iraq.

The enemies of freedom and democracy like Al-Jazeera (Qatari TV) concentrated today on the attacks and tried to exaggerate them. They wished for more attacks and less turn out and both have not happened.

The Iraqis showed the world a lesson how to challenge the terrorists!

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