Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The New Iraq!

Only 72 hours to go for the election in Iraq for the first time in about 50 years!

What a great occasion not only for Iraq but for the Middle East which is full with dictatorship regimes resulted in more hate and extremists.

The Iraqis will go for electing the following:

To say NO for the terrorists!
Iraqi Constitution!
Elected government for 3 or 4 years!
Elected parliament!
Freedom of talk!
Opposition parties practice without blood shed and coups!
Strong Economy!
Friendship rather than hate with the civilised nations and states!
No wars!
No place for terrorists!
Good education!
Better health and services!
Iraq for the Iraqis irrespective of who they are except the killers and terrorists!
The Iraqi fine oil is for the people not the dictators and their gangs!
Law above all!
No place for the mad dogs!
Just and sooner Trail for the former members of the massgraves killing fields!

The list can go for more and more!

Any one among people in the regional countries sees this wish to get same thing for his country! Many educated people we met in some of these countries told us that their governments are interfering in the Iraqi affairs to prevent this happening so as their people remains under their thumbs!

Iraq election not yet started and Abdallah the King of Jordan announced yesterday that his government considering a new plan for more power given to elected local governments. He considered dividing Jordan into regions each one of them consist many governances. Looks like the federal state of Iraq the Model!

IRAQ is heading towards the right direction with the help of our friend GWB as far as the election is not going to be biased and remains with out Interferences from any one.

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