Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who killed the Twenty Shiite men?

We know the various ways of killing and kidnapping by the terrorists in Iraq but to fool 20 young men and to kill all of them is a strange thing!

The story of the 20 Shiite men (16-20 years old) who came originally from Digar (Nasyriyah) 375 KM south Baghdad, to Baghdad seeking a casual and occasional daily paid labour started when their families missed them for long time.

The families started their search in the Square where their sons wait for some one to pick them for a kind of labourer work! The other causal workers told them that a contractor called Mohsen Aowada Al-Rikabi took them to work in an American facility. Their colleagues told the families that the payment was irresistibility high for them to accept to go to Mosel 350 KM north Baghdad!

The families approached many government offices for a help to facilitate their search in Mosel with no benefit. They then met with the Interior Minister who failed to provide any assistance! No wonder as this man failed to protect his own Police!

The families decided to do it themselves despite the dangerous situation in Mosel. They travelled there! They searched every where including Hospitals, Police stations, Government offices, people and humanitarian organizations without any result!
They then heard while searching that 20 bodies have been discovered in the area of Sahaji between Talaafar and Mosel.

They went there, and with the help of the local people they managed secretly to carry the bodies at night to discover that they belong to their sons. There are 2 other bodies still missing which belong to Shiite from Al-Thawrah city in Baghdad.

There are two possibilities here. The men may have been taken to work in an American facility in Mosel and betrayed by some one which resulted in their kidnapping and killing before they start the work. The other possibility is that the terrorists took them and killed them there. The last possibility is strange as the terrorists may have killed them before they arrived in Mosel!
One have to mention that there are several Iraqis killed daily or at least weekly because they work with the Americans as contractors or translators or any other jobs.

On another hand and in an ambush attack just North Baghdad today seven US soldiers have been killed. This is the largest attack against the US soldiers since Mosel attack

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