Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Failed Security and Corruption

Many news sites mentioned that the Iraqi Defence Minister Hazeem Shalan met Raghad Saddam's daughter and kissed her hands in a meeting included previous Baathist officers in Jordan.

Earlier Shalan mentioned to Al-Arabyiah TV that if he is a Sunni he would have carried his weapons to fight his enemies and protect his family! It is better for this man first to protect his soldiers and Top Officers from the slaughter they have each day.

On the same time he threatened to arrest Ahmed Chalabi and handed him to the Interpol! He must be very clever because the Interpol will then give Chalabi to the Iraqi authorities not to Jordan as Shalan wanted to mean. He also mentioned that if Ahmed Chalabi list won in the election he will call the Baathist officers in Jordan to do something about it inside Iraq (according to some news). Does he mean a coup de tat?! If so, this is then nothing but another Saddam is sitting in the Ministry of defence.

This man is ignorant and it is good that he exposed him-self in the appropriate time. He could have been in a better position if he told where the 500 millions dollars cash gone, instead of swearing at Ahmed Chalabi.

This man mentioned that the arrest of Ahmed Chalabi will make every Iraqi happy!! He is wrong to say that because he only represents him self and not even the MoD because he is just a member in it and should not use it as a tool for his personal problems and or his own benefits.

Here is an indication of very poor security to all of those who are involved with the Iraqi security including the coalition/US forces!

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