Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Special Sincere Thanks to our Friends

I would like to express my sincere thanks with tears of joy and love to all of those good friends new and old from all over the world who send marvellous emails about the Iraqi election.

Most of the emails came from our friends in the USA but also from many parts of the rest of the world.

On behalf of all Iraqis who joined the election and challenged the terrorists by their blood (some have been killed) we express our sincere thanks to all of our friends who sent messages and emails. The souls of those who have been killed among the Iraqis during their way for election are also with you for special thanks.

We decided to challenge the terrorists who threatened to wash the streets of Iraq with our blood. We said (see my article before the election) that let them send their dogs to suck our bones we care not!
We challenged them and we knew we may die and some of us wear their shrouds and voted in a civilised way with out problems.

In one incident in Baghdad an Iraqi Hero suspected a terrorist. He chased him! The terrorist run and the Iraqi hero run after him and captured him. The terrorist blows himself with our hero who died to save many lives.

All of you know that the situation in Iraq was not that any one like to carry out an election in it though we have done it in a civilised way.

The election was to say big NO to the terrorists and bigger YES for freedom and democracy but even bigger YES for peace and tolerance.

We got bad electrical power, poor water supplies, deteriorating sewage system, and all other services are rooting but we never felt as powerful and strong as now with the democracy and freedom.

When Saddam claimed that he won the fifth army in the world and claimed victory over Iran we never felt strong but rather weak and oppressed.

It is democracy which brings peace, strength and stability.

Thanks to all our friends in the USA and on the top of them is George W Bush and we hope they continue to help us to rebuild our country and the structure of our democracy which passed its first step and more yet to come.

We received the largest number of email in a day of hundreds! Thanks for all of those who send us the support, prayers and congratulations. Some of the words are really so emotional indeed.

On the top of these emails that we received is this special congratulation from Korean 7 years old flower Debbie!

My seven-year old daughter Debbie was moved by the photos of your people's
bravery in this historic moment, and wanted to send you her best wishes from
Korea. As we saw those fingers raised in defiance, we both agreed, "God _is_
great indeed.

Here are some of the emails:

My friends here in the USA and I were up through the night praying, and sending energy and light of protection for everyone, the US brave soldiers, the brave Iraqis police, and THE PEOPLE who had no fear and came out and went to vote.
WE watched FOX Channel, we could not sleep! We cried, were amazed, Lit candles and held thoughts of protection for the people walking and standing in lines.

Hello and congratulations on your great day. 8 Million Iraqis have shown the kind of bravery that makes us in Great Britain feel humble. I hope this will be the first day for the march of freedom across the whole of the Middle East.
I am a TV news producer with the BBC in London.

I must admit. I am one of the "Liberals" here in America that do not really like George W. Bush. I think Bush gave us false reasons for invading Iraq and we were against this war because of all the instability and violence it has caused. BUT - for
right now, I am very happy that things are improving for you all over there and I am glad you think of America as a friend. I wish you all the very best my friend and hope that freedom will continue to blossom for all Iraqis.

What a great day for the Iraqi people and what a great day for the fact that freedom is not a political dynamic, but a natural human imperative.
Congratulations! You and our soldiers are the true heros; You and your countrymen went to the polls with your faces uncovered, unlike the cowards who kidnap and kill!

i'm so happy for all you!!! you are wonderful, brave, and courageous people. you deserve freedom more than many who have known it all their lives!

All Americans are happy for your election turnout today, validating the sacrifice made by many of our youngest and bravest. Now go out and make Iraq an inclusive nation for all your people, that will be the best test to prove democracy has come to your country.
Vietnam Veteran
The Villages, Florida

to all araqis today. You will love the life of freedom just as we do.
Just one American

I would like to congratulate the brave Iraqi people today for standing up to the terrorists and choosing democracy instead of oppression by voting for freedom. You,the Iraqi people will show the rest of the middle east that freedom can and will prevail.God bless Iraq, the coalition forces and ,America for making this day come true.May peace prevail in Iraq and the rest of the world.

I am in Awe of the Bravery of the Iraqi People! I am an American..I go to vote and worry about Time...Iraqi's went despite threats and homicide bombers! I wish Iraq all the best..May the future be bright and the generations who have sacrificed be revered for centuries to come!
No matter what Disgruntled Losing American Policians' speeches are played on radio and tv...Everyday Americans are Proud of You all and your great Achievement Today. And we are praying and standing by you all! You are an inspiration to us..I have tears of joy in my eyes for you..and a smile on my face as well...can't ask for more than that!

From an American war veteran I thank you for staying the course and justifying the sacrifices American Soldiers have made all over the world throughout history. Your are now part our special destiny, to be spoken about by the bravest and most unselfish members of our country.
We as soldier/citizens have always seen and understood the love of freedom in the battles we have fought around the world. We learned to love the people we fought along side of in our common battle against tyranny in any form. All real soldiers understand that we do not have a monopoly on the love of Freedom. You are another example of why our soldiers will always answer the call, despite anything the doomsayers and Liberals might say or think.
The prayers, respect and love of my entire family are reserved for the Iraqi people this day, and every day throughout our lives.
God Bless your courage and sacrifice.

As an American, I have spent the day watching a great people claim their rights in a new democratic society. Your courage and bravery inspire the utmost respect. Congratulations to a great nation.

Congratulations!!! I watched the election coverage from my home in the USA. I prayed for all of the Iraqi people last night, and I was so proud to see so many of you go out and vote. Let Freedom Ring in Iraq!

Finally! Thank G-d you have had the ability to vote and send a message to the terrorist snakes. The bravery of the Iraqi people brought tears to my eyes today. Many Americans and all of Europe are saying ' " We are stunned, this is amazing". It is truly a great thing, but because of the brave Iraqi bloggers telling us the truth about Iraq I am not stunned, just happy for you (and sad that even today, the terrorists killed many innocents).

My name is John. I live in America. I want to congratulate you on your elections. Now, God willing, you will find peace.
Your Friend,
John Nash
"Do right and fear no man."
George S. Patton

We here in the USA are so proud of your election. We share in your joy and victory ! Iraqis have shown the world they are courageous!
We will continue to support you in your journey to Freedom with our people and money! May you soon have your country the way you want it, with justice, peace, freedom, good health and economics and much happiness. May God shine his grace,mercy and love on you all!

We are happy for you and wish for you much success in all that you do this day forward. May safety and peace be foremost from this day forward.
A Friend in the USA

We Americans--from the president on down--are humbled by the bravery,
fortitude and determination the Iraqi people showed yesterday.
Best regards,

I am so very happy for Iraq and the many brave souls who voted. Hard work is ahead and all will not be perfect until greater security is apparent throughout your nation but better days are definitely in your future. May your elected leaders serve your nation well and may the Constitution truly grant each of you the freedoms you so richly deserve. May God bless Iraq.
Paat in NC

Your brave country men and women have shown the world that you will not buckle under the threat of the of terror. I wish you success in bringing together the peoples of Iraq so that you may enjoy the benefits of a democracy and the prosperity which you so desperately seek.
Rest assured, that like the Australian and British who never forget a friend, we in the United States will not forget you either.

Your pictures of the election were deeply moving. My eyes are full of joyful tears. What a courageous people you are!

We thank you all and those who stand with us in their hearts and prayers.

God bless Iraq and America!

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