Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorism and Antiterrorism

The terrorists and those who supported them may not to be from now on as immune as they wish neither they may be safely relaxed in deep sleep.

A new secret organization called (Brigades of Iraqana) issued a statement today threatened to attack and kill the terrorists and their supporters from now on.

They stated that they got the names of many terrorists who where involved in destroying the Iraqi facilities and involved in criminal acts which were collected over the last few weeks based on strong evidence.

They also stated that 3000 dollars is the reward for each head of the small criminals while they put 50,000 dollars for the head of Hareth Al-Thari and the other members of the (Haiyat Olama Al Moslemen) also Abd-Amer Rikabi and Abd Jabar Al Kobaisi.

On the other hand and for the first time Al Arabyia TV showed a group of terrorists captured by the Iraqi forces. They confessed that they were involved in decapitation processes, kidnappings, killings and other attacks. They clam that they have been forced to do so or be killed by the Amer (a title which is usually referred to some one like Zarqawi or his deputies). One of them asked for mercy and pity!!
They confessed about beheading some victims by mentioning their names!

In a press conference Iyad Alawi told that among the arrested terrorists is the leader of (Jaiash Mohamad) who is responsible for many beheadings and attacks and also Saudi terrorist.

In Mosel an iron fist starts to strike the heads of the thugs and we may see imminent strike soon.

In Baghdad the deputy chief of Police has been killed today with his son who is also a police officer.

On the same time Insar Al-Sunnah group released a video of execution of what is look like an Iraqi Shiite. It looks like they accused him of selling opiates!

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