Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New Iraq on its way!

The Iraqi election is not only important for Iraq but for the whole world including the USA, the UK, the EU, the Middle East, the UN and the other countries. This is not because Iraq is a superpower but because it is representing a turning point in the history of the region.

The first election in the region was in Iraq in 1921! Now Iraq is the Model for freedom and democracy. Our success to achieve this is a victory against the enemies of freedom who are the terrorists. So as this victory is not only for us but for all the freedom loving and civilized nations.

The turning point will be so important for every one in the region. This is why so many regimes and groups pushed their weight against the new Iraq. The intensification of terrorists' attacks is wrongly seen as between Zarqawi groups alone. It represents all of those who feel threatened by these changes including the dictators.

The other affected groups are the thousands of years dominating doctrine which oppressed and intimidated the others. One of the best examples is the Wahabi/Salafi groups. Shia who were oppressed for thousands of years in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and other countries are for the first time seeing a light and a candle to be free and able to express their thoughts and wishes without fear.

It is wrong to assume that the terrorists' attacks are resistance. The real occupiers of Iraq are the mentally retarded terrorists who tried to impose their dull and tyrant role over every one. The difference between them and the occupation by the Multinational forces is that these forces are unmasked professional soldiers who themselves would like to go back to their beloved ones and families and their governments knew this. These troops will go back as soon as we can provide our own security. We feel we need them now to help us to build a state of constitutions and democracy before they leave.

Any prosperity, democracy, freedom, and civilised things in the new Iraq can NOT be seen without clearly pointing out to the help of the good American people and their leadership represented by George W Bush and Tony Blair of the UK to Iraq the Iraqis.

Whoever is going to win the election in Iraq, we the Iraqis, will make sure that he or she will keep a good and top mutually respected friendship relation with the USA and other friends who stand with us to free Iraq from the tyranny of Middle East.

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