Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

More attacks in Iraq & possible imminent attacks in the USA!

Another wave of explosions by cars, and suicidal attacks resulted in the death of more than 50 and wounding of other Iraqi civilians today. Most of victims are from the Iraqi National Guards and the Police.

One of the today's attacks was near the party of the interim Prime Minister Iyad Alawi (Alwafaq Al-Watani party). It happened few minutes before a pre-planed press conference in the party HQ!

In addition to Baghdad many other attacks happened in Tikrit, Mosel, Balad, Sammara, Kurkuk and Diyala.

The other important development today is the emergence of some rumors regarding unconfirmed reports about the arrest of Al-Zarqawi. Initially the news spread so widely in Diyala which is one of the regions where Zarqawi may stay in. This was also reported as urgent news in Al-Fayha satellite TV which broadcast from Dubai. The local US forces in Baqoba said that they don't have information that Zarqawi was arrested by their troops there.

On the other hand one group which is most likely part of Al-Qaeda (The Islamic army in Iraq) issued a statement today about imminent attacks against targets inside the USA. They stated that in the next few days and in the year 2005 they will show that the USA is not a safe place for its citizens inside its own land. This is the same group which released the two French hostages recently.

Regarding the Mosel attack against US base which resulted in many soldiers killed and wounded, there is news that the suicidal attack was carried out by Saudi insurgent named Ahmad Saied Ahmad Al-Ghamidi. He is 20 years old Medical student studying in Sudan. Few weeks ago he contacted his family to tell them that he is now in Iraq fighting the US troops. In the last few days his family carried out special commemorations in Saudi Arabia about his death.

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