Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorists' Unprecedented Confessions!

Al-Fayha Iraqi TV satellite channel showed for the last few days terrorists who were captured after they escaped the war in Falluja in their way to Basrah. They were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, and other Arab countries.

Their confession comes in line with the previous indications and facts as follows:

First: Syria was the point from which the terrorists enter Iraq and in which they gather and organize themselves.

Second: They used Syrian telecommunication while inside Iraq and they used various hotels, hostels, houses and apartments in Damascus. They met inside these places and in the public places in a way which is not difficult for any ordinary Intelligence services to disclose.

Third: The terrorist group financed by the Saudis as well as trained and prepared (brain washed) by Saudis. This brain wash started inside their original countries for some time

Fourth: There are Saudis, Syrians and Iraqis from previous regime in Syria to coordinate and rallying with agents in the Arab and foreign countries to get the duped youths and bring them to Syria. This occurs under supervision of Saudis who travel from and to Syria.

Fifth: The Arab media especially Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabyah TV plays major role in the whole process of terrorists rallying into Iraq.

Sixth: One of the most important issues used in rallying is Abo-Ghraeb scandal and they also tell them that Iraq is in a total war with the USA which kill, torture and rape in Iraq.

Seventh: There are groups which provide support inside Iraq and some cells in quite areas as sanctuary during the last moment when they fail.

Eighth: Once the terrorists brought to Iraq they took from their passports and travel documents so as to make them easy agents at any time and place.

Ninth: There are agents in the Iraqi police working with the terrorists especially in Falluja.

Tenth: After inside Iraq the terrorists put in isolated places with no access to media or TV waiting their turn and during that time they have been exposed into brain wash.

Eleventh: They then put these terrorists to perform operation that may not know anything about.

Twelfth: Most of the terrorists are among the uneducated and know none or very little about the religion and they blindly follow any Mullah in Al-Jazeera or the internet. One of the most influential Fatwa on them was the one which was issued by the 22 Saudi Wahabi Sheikhs.

We congratulate Al-Fayha TV for this unprecedented show.

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