Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Failed Interim Government!

Terrorist attacks escalated especially against Shia targets in Baghdad as well as other cities.

In one of these attacks the thugs used a booby-trapped Ambulance and a suicidal filthy cockroach's ass to kill Iraqi Shites in a wedding! Many children were among the dead and wounded.

In another attack the dirty and filthy frogs killed 15 Iraqi soldiers and more than that in other attacks.

There were many attacks today and many beheadings. On the same time the failed Interior Minister appeared to say that he captured some terrorists and showed couple of pictures. On the other hand the failed Defence minister showed himself in the media and TVs in Jordan's Al-Zarqawi threatening to arrest Ahmed Al-Chalabi! He used dirty uncivilised language and not appropriate for a minister. It would have been better for him to protect his soldiers from the slaughters by the filth inhabitant cockroaches.

Iyad Alawi should sack his failed ministers of interior and defence who are unable to provide the minimum security! The thugs are now performing their beheadings openly in the streets of Ramadi and Mosel instead of the bed rooms of Falluja. They are calling people to come and watch the beheading in Ramadi!

Why Hazeem Shalan and his dull friend minister of Interior not arresting Hareth Al-Thari who calls for more fights in Falluja?!

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