Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

British Soldiers abused Iraqi POWs

The pictures of the abuses of the Iraqi POWs by the British troops in Iraq are a stigma and shame which are not going to be easily removed. It is a violation to the human rights and Geneva conventions of treatment of the POWs. These pictures of abuses may only represent the iceberg of the whole problem. It is not less than the abuses committed by the US troops.

Full investigations and justice should be conducted to include all cases.

Arab dictators frightened!

The King of Jordan Abdala expressed his hostilities openly against the Shiite of Iraq and so as his open interferences in the Iraqi affairs. This clearly indicates his racist mentality and his superficiality in understanding the history of the region.

This man and those who stand with him among the other Arab dictators are nothing but frightened from the democratic changes which may affect their totalitarian and dictatorship regimes.

Any new government in Iraq should make no economic or trade relationship with the dictatorship regimes but only the democratic states which is only one or two in the region.

Executions and killing

Insar Al-Sunna terrorist group executed two Iraqi computer engineers in Mosel because they work to establish an internet connection for the election. Click to see video.

In other parts of Iraq the terrorist attacks killed many Iraqis especially in Baghdad.

Hassan Al-Nqeeb and Al-shalan the interior and defence ministers are still in a deep sleep or they may not know what is going on there.

Mosel becomes another Falluja!

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