Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Time for the British forces to distance itself from GWB occupation of Iraq

Gordon Brown is facing a very big challenge regarding his troops in Iraq. On the day he took over from Tony Blair at least 4 British soldiers were killed and wounded in one day in Basrah. The same scenario is going to happen again as far as GB not making changes to his predecessor policies.

The challenge in fact is even more when we know that the British general election is less than 2 years away. TB who loves power lost his position mainly due to the war in Iraq and his lies about it. More important is the failure which followed the invasion to achieve peace and security in Iraq. TB while lost in the UK he was rewarded by his friend GWB by appointed as the lead in the Panel for the Middle East negotiation committee. However due to his failure in Iraq TB will never be treated as a welcomed person by the people of the region. Some Palestinians have already declared that they are reluctant to make a deal with him.

For these facts and too many others GB needs to change his predecessor policies especially in Iraq to be able to achieve some success internally before the next election. The equation is not difficult however it needs a strong leader who is able to distance himself from the wrong policies of the GWB.

In Iraq GB best solution is to pull out his troops as soon as possible and to help Iraq to gain peace and stability and so as the UK may play significant part in the reconstructions and economic development in Iraq. This will produce mutual benefits and economical turnout for both countries (Iraq and the UK) which is better than just paying the tax payers money for the troops there. GB is a man with an economists mind and he may be able to correct what TB messed about.

This is just example of what TB and GWB achieved in Iraq post war.

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