Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq in need of action to provide security and not propaganda

The world media after the American CBC showed nauseated pictures for orphan children in orphanage in Baghdad. Some of these pictures showed these children naked and chained to their beds. Other pictures showed that they are sleeping in groups of 5 or more in one bed. All these children were malnourished and looked that they are emotionally and may be physically abused.

On the other hand the pictures showed some American soldiers giving these children water and food! The question here who is the main cause for such orphans? Is it not the American-British occupation and wars as well as 12 years barbaric sanctions which led to thousands of orphans in Iraq?

It is the responsibility of the Iraqi puppet government and the occupation for all these ugly and disastrous conditions of the orphan children. The lack of security, corruption, and above all the occupation are all causes for not only the orphan children but for all what is happening in Iraq. The orphan children are only the outcome of the George W Bush and Tony Blair war on Iraq preceded by first war by GWB the father and Bill Clinton and his barbaric sanction which continued for 12 years.

Media propaganda of a solider giving these children some water is nothing compared to thousands of children killed by depleted uranium, sanction, lack of security, lack of sanitations and clean water, and above all how killed the parents of these children? Today more than 75 innocent Iraqis killed in a suicidal car bomb from which many more orphans resulted!

Iraq in need of action to provide full security and not pictures of propaganda and those responsible for such atrocities should be brought to justice.

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