Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Military campaigns alone are not enough for success

In the West of Iraq in Al-Ramadi was the most strong hold base for Al-Qaeda. Both the occupation forces and the Iraqi weak police and force failed to achieve any kind of success in spite of big losses from both. However when the tribes decided to fight and expel Al-Qaeda they did it quickly. Ramadi is now almost cleared from Al-Qaeda which transferred its weight into Diayla.

Diayla though consist tribes similar to Ramadi is of a different geography and arrangement. The US occupied troops started a new military campaign few days ago in Diayla capital city Baaqoba. All the signs until now indicate that this campaign is no difference from previous campaigns in Ramadi and facing even stronger resistance. The geography in Ramadi is a desert and every thing exposed while here the matter is different. There are mountains, deserts, thick farms and groves. The area is more populated and the fighters may easily hide in between. In addition to that Dialya is considered to be one of the strong holds for the presence of the members of Bath party and the previous security forces. It is not an easy as Ramadi however if any success may be achieved it have to be similar to the one happened in Ramadi but with caution. Without the help of the tribes it will be extremely difficult to maintain the ground and the Qaeda or others will rebound as soon as the forces leave the ground towards other points. They will create not only headache by cat and mouse game but inflict more even sever loses by gorilla war.

Al-Qaeda and its allies knew well that if they loss Dialya it will be a big loss for them and they will loss important and long border with Iran. Dialya is a good place for training and to reach other areas such as Baghdad, Kurkuk and Tikreet.

On the other hand success will never be possible without progress in making major political changes by the Iraqi government which is weak and looks like semi-dead. Some thing need to be done here. There is definitely more than one country that doesn’t like to see peace and progress in Iraq and that is Iran and Syria. It is therefore any success to clear the terrorists from Iraq and making peace and progression is a loss not only for Al-Qaeda but Iran and Syria.

We think that the real Iraqi resistance against the occupation should be brought for dialogue and timetable for withdrawal may work very well to bring them toward peace and concession. However the only one that the military campaign should target is the terrorists like Al-Qaeda with out any concession at all.

We hope but we doubt that it will succeed unless the truth is genuinely.

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