Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Gordon Brown in Baghdad

Tony Blair is out and before he is leaving in two weeks time his successor GB visited Iraq today.

TB visited Iraq several times before and he must have heard some of the noises of the bombs and rockets both in Basrah and Baghdad. Each time there is an explosion there must be quite few Iraqis killed and wounded. TB and GB might have been heard the roar of London bombs before. However TB as one of the main leaders joined the USA in its war in Iraq acted blindly and with deaf ears towards the suffering of the Iraqi people from the terrorists attacks and lack of security even though his troops are still occupiers. Indeed his troops acted several times against the Iraqi police headquarters.

Now and as GB visited Iraq; is he going to continue the same bad policy of TB towards Iraq which will be reflected itself on the British troops in Basrah or he will change it so as to build a better relationships with the Iraqis. If he like to do so then it is so easy to do it. It is nothing but to help Iraq stand to rebuild itself in all sectors, improving security, and withdrawal of troops. Is GB going to do this or not? If he is then he will be more cleaver than TB and is better for him and his troops and of course the opposite is true.

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