Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Robert Gates surprise visit to Iraq hypocritical and not welcomed

Robert Gates the American Secretary of Defense visited Iraq suddenly today and met with the Iraqi puppets in the Green zone. Gates was unable to walk out of his heavily armored vehicle with out heavy protective jacket which required two guards to be able to take if off him.

RG may have no opportunity to see the dead bodies in the Iraqi streets or to smell that death in every single corner of Iraq. No surprise because RG is visiting the puppets in the Green zone which is well separated from the ordinary Iraqi citizens who are killed in hundreds daily. These puppets are nothing but thefts collecting wealth and smuggling it worse than Saddam.

What RG is going to tell his boss in the White House?! Is he going to tell him that the US forces are losing or wining? If he is saying that they are losing he is then telling the truth. He is then need to be brave enough to tell his boss the misery that they created in Iraq and the peaceful Iraqi people who got nothing to do with the terrorism. However RG may tell his boss the opposite and saying that they are wining! In this case if he is right that means they are wining by creating all this mess and misery for Iraq and this means that their intention is to do so. On the other hand if he means they are wining against the terrorism of Al-Qaeda then this is not true but the reverse indeed. They created bases for Al-Qaeda where was none before in Iraq.

RG needs to be honest, truthful and conscience and make suggestions and genuine solutions to correct the horrific situation they created in Iraq. If not for Iraq let him do it for the benefits of his troops and the history and before it is too late for either of these.

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