Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

US troop numbers alone means nothing and it will fail

It has been declared that the number of the US troops increment in Baghdad has reached its level two days ago. The spokesman of these troops stated that they will start a decisive campaign against Al-Qaeda in Baghdad.

It seems to be that America learns nothing from its mistakes. It is wrong to assume that the numbers of troops is the decisive factor in leading successful military campaign. Before anything the more troops come to Iraq the more the resistance and the more the loses in these troops. Even more important is the lack of understanding of these troops about the Iraqi society and their use of force as their main tool to control and to survive. If an American armored vehicle moves in Baghdad’s Streets the Iraqis are not allowed to drive at least more than 200 meters away from it. Has the Americans asked themselves what is the feeling of the simple Iraqi person about this? It creates more hate and rejection to the occupation. Therefore how many of the coming troops are going to be killed or wounded if the Americans are not learning and changing their policies in Iraq?

The Americans have first to convince the Iraqis that they are not establishing Permanente bases in their country. They should therefore implement a timetable for their withdrawal. More important than the number of troops is to convince the Iraqis that they are achieving improvement of stability and security on the ground.

Instead of supporting a weak government America should help build a new political order not from among the weak, corrupt and struggled hypocritical-politicians that exist in the green zone. Most Iraqis believe now that America is in their country for the oil while using democracy and rebuilding is only a cover. The last few years showed that all those who were put in power in green zone are nothing but American puppets.

In conclusion it is not the number of troops alone which will make the difference but the whole orders have to be reconsidered and changed. On the top of the agenda in addition to what we mentioned above is the answer for the question; what type of Iraqi government and or leader that is able to lead the country towards safety and in order and provide stability and security? If the Americans are able to answer this question and apply it on the ground then they achieved more than 75% of success towards democracy and wining the support of the Iraqis and the war against Al-Qaeda. No one accept the existed Iraqi government and democracy with deaths and lack of security and reconstruction. What is the benefit of such democracy with deaths, killing and no security?

On the other hand more work needed by honest brokers to facilitate the reconciliations between different Iraqi groups. If the USA is not going to depart soon from the existed situation in Iraq they will doomed to fail in the whole region and not only in Iraq.

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