Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

American occupation of Iraq should end now

The barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq which resulted in killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and others and destroying Iraq infrastructure then resulted in the lack of security should end now or correct its policies including timetable to withdraw.

Iraq under the US occupation and since 2001 is living under continuous lack of security and its consequences. Hundreds of innocent Iraqis are killed every single day from this and from the US forces attacks on civilians.

The US promises about Iraq since 2001 invasion are all lies and only deceiving. The Iraqis need security and not falsehood of democracy which brought corrupted politicians that only make life even more difficult than before. The US also weaken these politicians more by giving its forces control over the Iraqi government and by keeping Iraq weak.
It is time for resisting the occupation by all means unless the occupier change their policies such as creating security for civilians and allowing Iraq to rebuild itself. Time-table of withdrawal is very important. Otherwise the occupiers should expect more and more losses and resistance

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