Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al-Qaeda and America are two faces for one coin

There is no doubt that the USA and those that followed it are the same which produced, supported and brought the Talaban and Al-Qaeda to Afghanistan and in Pakistan. In Iraq the same thing happened but with very little differences in the methods and ways that brought these groups after the US invasion of Iraq.

Both the USA-British occupation of Iraq and the Al-Qaeda are doing the same thing in Iraq. Namely are killing, destroying, occupying, intimidating, corrupting, and other ugly things. However America and its allies have done these in Iraq since the Iraq-Iran war in 1979 until now in a devilish and vampire ways.

Both the USA and Al-Qaeda are two faces for one coin called the terrorism and destruction. Both should go out of Iraq soon and the Iraqis should unite to fight them by all means.

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