Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Cancer rate increased in Iraq

In addition to the horrors of the American-British occupation of Iraq and the resultant devastating chaos, the health records in Iraq reporting horrified increase in the number of cancer rates and congenital malformations.

In 1991 George W Bush and Margate Thatcher war against Iraq used weapons with Depleted Uranium. The DU contaminated the soil and entered through the systems of the agricultural and foods’ chain and water. In 2003 George W Bush and Tony Blair war more contaminations and weapons were used especially against the southern region. This resulted in sever damages to health of local people.

In the most current reports from the health authorities in Baghdad and Basrah, it was reported that the number in cancer rates especially among children increased by more than 22% especially Leukaemia and Breast cancers. Deaths due to cancer rate increased due to lack of proper management and deteriorating health systems under the barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq. The same studies reported that at least 3 children born every day in Basrah region with no limbs or other sever congenital malformations.

Other causes for such diseases are the sever stress that women and children are exposed to from wars and occupation. In addition to that the American-British wars in 1991 and 2003 and their barbaric sanction in between resulted in deterioration of the nutrition and lack of immunity in children and women so as the increase in these diseases.

In a study from Basrah Medical College indicates that the lack of treatment and facilities increased the number of deaths among these patients and make many of them to travel to other countries seeking better treatment. Many of the Iraqi specialist and doctors were killed or escaped to other countries after the last war. Once Iraq was one of the best in medical and health system in Middle East it became one of the worst due to the devilish wars and sanction lead by the USA and British governments.

Iraqis should unite to resist by all means the occupiers especially after its real aim and ugly face become clear.

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