Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American occupied forces killed innocent Iraqis in Saddar city

George W Bush mercenaries in Iraq killed and wounded more than 26 innocent Iraqi citizens in Saddar city in Baghdad today. The occupied forces attacked and killed civilians inside their homes by air attacks. These forces claimed that they attacked Iranian supported militia which was denied by the health authorities treating the wounded as there were children and women among the wounded inside their homes.

The American atrocities and destruction of Iraq continued. This will escalate the resistance and the revenge against the occupied forces. The occupied forces will pay heavy price unless they change their policies and pull their troops from Iraq with a time table and as soon as possible. Iraqi forces should be trained and armed to takeover the security.

Is London car bombs a fabricated story or a plot?

While Gordon Brown faced a big challenge regarding his occupied troops in Basrah and 4 of them killed in the first day of him as PM, he faces a new challenge from inside. Whether or not the car bomb issue in London is a fabricated story or a plot by it indicates that, what is happening in Iraq is going to be copied or transferred to other parts of the world sooner or later. In New York today was a high alert state however the strikes of terrors will happen suddenly and with many other means. So as the question is why NY was put in a high alert? Is this part of the plot and the fabrication?

Failure of the war in Iraq will encourage any terrorist organization to copy what is happening there to other parts of the world. This is the best example that GWB failed in his war and by using the tactic in Iraq. He definitely failed. In fact GWB and Tony Blair created bases and strong holds for Al-Qaeda in Iraq whereas no such bases existed before their invasion of Iraq in 2003. Indeed America is the one that created Al-Qaeda first. In Iraq the American-British occupation of Iraq and Al-Qaeda are two faces for one coin called the terrorism.

In fact the marks given by the British police about the London car bombs are not satisfying enough to make us to believe them. The same police as we freshly remember killed a Latin American man just by suspicion in 2005 after London bombs in a subway and under the witnesses of other people. Such an incident only happens in the police-states.

The statements from the London police said that they found a car with gas cylinders, and considerable amount of nails and some petrol. They mentioned that they found another car with same contents. The contents mentioned are used by many businesses and firms in London. Many small or large businesses use gas cylinders, nails and every car contains petrol. Even if this is true this may be a story to pass certain agenda and plotted by America to make GB not to distance himself from GWB war. The timing and the alert state in NY today and the way which was designed is a possible conspiracy by GWB to force GB support for the war in Iraq. Al-Qaeda indeed is full of American agents who may do such things with the help of America. If this is not a plot why then none of these cars not exploded despite no information was known about them before?

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