Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The US-British occupation humiliating Iraq and should end by all means

Now and after 4 years of the American and British messing in Iraq, the American White House spokesman is telling that they warn from the beginning that there is no magic solution in Iraq. Is this not a failure or a mess in the lives of other nations? On the other hand the American chief of forces in Iraq declared yesterday that the bombing of the Samara Shrine for the second time is a big blow to the US efforts. Indeed he should have been declared that this attack is the beginning of their defeat.

The US forces in Iraq are now arming the same militias that attacking the innocent Iraqi people so as to create a different kind of war between the different factions of these militias. This will only lead to creating a civil war shortly after the US leaving the country. By this action the USA are indeed killing more innocent Iraqis and destroying what if there is anything left from the country.

In this case there is nothing left for the Iraqis but to fight and resist the occupiers in view of that these occupiers are there for only to lot the country and humiliate its people and crushed them under their tanks and other armored vehicles.

The occupation should end by force if not by peaceful ways with scheduled timetable for withdrawal.

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