Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The barbaric American-British occupation of Iraq

It is the right of any nation to resist and kill the occupiers until they end their interference in the country. This same right should and will be implemented on the barbaric occupiers who destroyed and destroying Iraq from Basrah to the North.

The Americans and their allies are none but liars and should expect and be exposed into sever punishment by the Iraqi resistance.

We call up on the Iraqis all of them to raise against the occupiers and either convert the Iraqi soil into a graveyard to them and their allies or expel them out of the borders if they do not stop their attacks against the civilians and if they continue to interfere with the Iraqi affairs in a negative way.

The occupiers should allow Iraq to re-build itself and achieve security and put a time table for their withdrawal. Only if they achieve these then they should be given time to withdraw otherwise every one of them should be a target.

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