Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are they two faces for one coin or not?

Gordon Brown is taking over today from Tony Blair as British PM with a lot of problems inherited not only about Iraq but too many problems related to the UK internal issues.

One of the main problems is the National Health Service which is declining down the hill as a result of the Labour party policies. War in Iraq is one of these main factors which facilitated the resignation of TB due to the opposition of the UK citizens about this war and the UK involvement in other wars led by the USA. In fact TB converted the UK into a semi-police state especially against British Muslims after the London bombing and even before that. GB is changing the Interior Minister and he is responsible to ease the pressure and discriminations against the Muslims especially by the Police Force. The tension will never go off unless a lot is done about it. British Muslims used to give their votes for the Labour before TB however this will never stay the same after been victimized and targeted by this man and his government and Police Force.

The UK families who are having sons and daughters in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are protesting today in front of 10 Downing Street before TB leaving to remind him about this war and to send a clear message to GB to change his policies especially in Iraq.

British Forces in Basrah may be soon taken back to their homes and this is what GB should do. More efforts should be done to train and arm the Iraqi forces and not to occupy our country. GB then can pay the money that he pays from the tax payers towards the NHS and not towards killing more Iraqis. If any help Iraq needs is to arm his forces, rebuild what was destroyed by their wars and sanctions and help its services.

Is GB going to change the equation and exit out of Iraq with a better face than TB or is he going to follow GWB blindly? In all circumstances his troops in Iraq will face bigger challenge in the near future.

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