Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The responsibility of the occupation forces in Iraq and their failures

The historic tombs of Imam AL-Askari and Al-Hadi in Samara have been attacked again today and farther demolished after the last year major attack.

It is the responsibility of the occupying forces to provide security and safeguarding the country according to all the conventions and ethical principles. The US-British occupation in Iraq already failed to maintain their obligations but in stead they destroyed this country farther.

The responsibility of what is happening in Iraq is on the occupying forces and the best solution is for these forces to leave the country for the Iraqis to arrange their affairs without interference in it.

On the other hand a plan to impose a different role than the chaotic politicians now by putting a military rule to hold the country together may be a better option to provide security and rebuild the country services before implementing a full democracy. Democracy like the one in Iraq is more dangerous than military roles for the country. Iraq may need a strong leader to withhold it rather than weak chaotic politicians.

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