Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American failure in Iraq and the count down for its down-fall

There are no doubts that Al-Qaeda and its groups is now preparing for a major attack bigger than the 11/9/2001 in NY. The target will be a surprise for every one and the losses will be huge and devastating.

America in fact is helping this due to its wrong and arrogant policies in the world including in Iraq. The anti-American-British occupation resistance in Iraq is getting bigger and wider. The number of US soldiers killed reached above 3500 today and attacks became more precise and strong enough to hunt the soldiers and their armored vehicles. In fact the declared number is much less than the actual figures. Almost all Iraqis are now against the occupation and all of them want to see an end or time table for the withdrawal of the occupiers. If this is not going to happen then the occupiers should expect more resistance and attacks. In fact the ordinary Iraqis as well as the resistance would like to see an end to the occupation while Al-Qaeda is not. Al-Qaeda which is an American made tool likes to keep the US/British soldiers in Iraq so as to continue on its war against them and kill as much as possible from them. America is wrong to think that they can defeat Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Indeed the Americans are creating more and more enemies for them among the Iraqis because their lies and false promises have been exposed and all the Iraqis knew now that the USA aim is to destroy Iraq and takes its oil.

When Iran is going to be a nuclear regional power so soon the balance in this important region will change for ever and the USA will find no or very narrow place for it in this region. One of the main causes for this is the US failure in Iraq. Certainly the USA is now realizing that they can not prevent Iran from achieving its aim. In fact Iran might be able to (if not yet) producing the nuclear weapons. All the declarations and indications points out to one fact which is Iran at this point is capable to produce such weapons and they got the means to carry it for very long distances. Iran is in actual fact in a daily war with the British troops in Basrah and is able to inflict sever damage in them.

In conclusion the count down for the fall of the American Empire is just started now and the ignition seems to come from this region and not for long time.

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