Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The revolution in Egypt entered its victory phase

The popular Egypt revolution so far succeeded to isolate and render the regime of Hosni Mubarak un-functional. The regime has no credibility any more whether internal or external even among its friends in Israel and the USA. However both Israel and the USA are trying to prolong the life of this regime. They know that Hosni Mubarak never mind about the people of Egypt as far as he is safe and staying as the president irrespective of the suffering of his own people.

Hosni Mubarak insistence to stay in power is corresponding on the other hand to the suffering and the major consequences of the people of Egypt. This means that Hosni Mubarak knows very well that the price of every hour he stay in power paid heavily by blood and destruction of the people. He therefore is responsible for all what is happening. He put himself before the people of Egypt. This fact will become more obvious with each day he stays in power. It is therefore the betting of the regime about time is wrong. The more time will pass the more the revolution will get matured and escalating.

It is now the third week of the revolution and it becomes bigger and more decisive. The regime is wrong to believe that with time the revolution may get weaker and smaller. There is no popular revolution in the history started and failed. The more days will pass the more the people join the revolution and the more the escalations. This may include resignations, strikes, rebellions, controlling important positions, and dissidence including the army.

It is better for Hosni Mubarak to think about a way to leave such as to go for treatment and investigation outside and that will lead him into better outcome for him. He may regret later why he hasn’t left before. Hosni Mubarak it is better for you to leave now before it is too late.

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