Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The revolution of Bahrain progressing toward determination and victory

The revolution in Bahrain entered the right track that there is no return from it. This is happened after the regime of El-Khalefa in Bahrain commit a massacre against its own people in the Lolaa Square. Among the murdered were children and old people. The police used live gun shots and heavy bombardment early morning while the people were sleeping as they protesting peacefully against the regime tyranny.

The revolution of the people of Bahrain after this blood will never return back and will insist in his revolution until the downfall of the regime.

Again and again the credibility of America in the region is falling. Hillary Clinton said today that the government of Bahrain should not use excessive force against the people! This is an indication that she accepts the use of force and it is against the simple and basic human rights! This is the same statement that America uses when Israel kills the Palestinians! America hasn’t learnt the lesson from recent experience when it supported the dictator regimes against the people.

Victory is to the revolution of Bahrain and shame is for the killers of the people.

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