Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

A USA Embassy car in Cairo hits and kills group of protestor

The media showed an armoured car which belongs to the American Embassy in Cairo hit and killed a group of protestors in the street of Cairo. The American authorities confirmed that the car is belonging to their embassy in Cairo. They said it has been stolen!

It is evident from the video (click to see the video which contains offensive and distressful scenes) that the accident was intentional and the driver was able to avoid the accident completely. It is not yet known who were in the car and what the duty of that car was. Earlier the revolutionary protestors arrested two cars in both of them there were Israeli agents and in one of them there was poisoned food.

Important to know is that the USA embassy car was a special type of cars. It has been said by specialists in this field that such car is impossible to get stolen. There are certain computerised features linked to the fuel injection system and the navigation from which the car cannot be stolen and even if it is stolen by any way the control system in the base can stop it via the navigation.

If these features are true which is likely then the USA Embassy is responsible for what happened.

Whoever responsible the Egyptians should lodge a complaint by their lawyers against the responsible including the USA Embassy who is the owner of the car.

If the USA Embassy turn to be responsible by anyway it will add another black spot in the forehead of America against the people of other nation’s especially the Arabs and Muslims.

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