Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Hoseni Mubarak Trial for his massacring the Egyptian today

Until yesterday the Egyptian people are requesting in their revolt against Hoseni Mubarak to leave the role and his regime and leave Egypt. However from today and after what happened in Cairo in Altahrer square and many other cities when his security and gangs attacked and terrorised the people there is no less than arresting Hoseni Mubarak by the people and the army and submit him and his regime into a trail.

What happened today should be investigated as it seems to be not only HM regime but may be Israel and America too just to let this regime to stay irrespective of the price.

The attack against the people of Egypt today is the responsibility of HM regime and they should all face trials.

The Army now should interfere and side to their people against he dictator and arresting him.
There is nothing less than this demand after today’s events in Egypt.

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