Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The revolution of the Arab world against the tyrannies

The revolution in the Arab world is a matter of fact after many decades of tyrannies, oppression, poverty, dictatorships, injustice and treachery.

The new generations in the Arab world as well as the old cannot at this time of the 21st Century live under the same circumstances under the same idols of tyrannies.

The revolutions are now extended all over the Arab countries and in these countries which had no uprising yet are living under volcanoes which will erupt soon.

The dictators should act before they face the fate of humiliation that they put their people in for many years.

It is against the basic human rights for all the Western countries and America to stand with these dictators against the people. The Western countries supported these dictators despite they know about their atrocities. In fact these rulers are just puppets for the West and this is contrary to the basic human rights for these Western governments to support these dictators.

Victory is to the Arab people against all the dictators.

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