Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Victory is to the revolution in Egypt and shame to those who support dictators

The Egyptian revolution extended to include millions of protestors and spread to involve all aspects of life in the country. The force of the revolution is becoming like a tsunami which will sweep all the sectors of the state soon. Strikes, civil disobedience, resignations, control of power, isolation of the regime figures, dissociation of the regime men and women, detachment of the media from the regime and many other issues started to happen in the last 2 days steadily.

The revolution is a popular one and included all the Egyptian people which make any trails to block it unsuccessful. The main trails to stop the revolution are coming from (Israel), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, America and other Arab dictators. The Arab dictators have a come interests and same actions against their people like the Hosni Mubarak puppet regime. One of the best examples is the Saudi and the Jordan regimes. They are dictators who used similar anti-human right acts against their own people. They are corrupt very old totalitarian regimes and their people boiling while they see the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. Anyone would like to connect itself to the Hosni Mubarak regime will regret this tomorrow when the revolution succeed.

The Egyptian revolution and the Tunisian before that debunk the American and Western allegations that they support democracy and freedom. On the other hand their support for these regimes exposed the American and Western countries allegations that they support the human rights for all people while on the same time they support these regimes which kill and terrorise their own people.

No to the involvement of America in the Arab region and they have to pull their forces from there including Iraq as well as the other Islamic countries such as Afghanistan.

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