Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Lybian dictator using heavy artillery to attack protestors

Moaamar Gadhafi the criminal dictator of Libya and the Western puppet used last night and today heavy weapons including air fighters, heavy guns, RBG7 rockets, antiaircraft weapons and other heavy weapons to attack peaceful protestors. In Tripoli Gadhafi killed and injured hundreds of unarmed peaceful protestors. The same thing happened in many other cities. Gadhafi used African hired mercenaries to perpetrate his crimes against the Arab Libyan people.

The world in the 21st Century witnessing crimes against humanity and keeps silent! It is shame for those who are able to condemn this at least and they are silent because there are interests connecting them to Gadhafi the puppet. The days or hours of this criminal are counted. Gadhafi the criminal finished and he and his regime will face his humiliated fate soon.

Gadhafi’s son Sief in his speech yesterday used many bad terms several times to described the Libyans. He called them the addicts, the drunks and others. He threatened to burn and kills them. He was like his father knows nothing but lies and his speech was just disgusting which was totally rejected by the Libyans and faced with throwing him with shoes.

Gadhafi used money paid hired African criminals mercenaries to kill the Libyans. Those non-humane mercenaries will face their fate soon on the hand of the revolutionaries.

The revolution in Libya is now near its victory and those who kept silent or stand with the regime will pay for their actions.

Victory is for the heroes the Arab Libyans and death, humiliation, shame and fire hell to Gadhafi and his regime.

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