Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Hosni Mubarak under estimating the power of the revolution which is heading towards escalation and victory

The Egyptian revolution continued to escalate steadily after the disappointed speech of Hosni Mubarak. The people rejected Mubarak speech and hundreds of thousands more joined the revolution all over Egypt. The people thought that the dictator may step down but he had nothing new in his last speech. In fact his speech was just a repeat of what he said before that he is staying in power and worse than this he repeated that he will use his power to crush what he called them the ruiners. He used threatening language and insistence to cling to power which are insult to the requirement of millions of the people who want him and his regime to resign and leave. His deputy Omar Sulieman reiterated the same threating language too.

The revolution on the other hand escalated and extended to new and more directions. Millions more went to the streets requiring the resignation of the regime. They now requesting not only the down fall of Hosni Mubarak but to put his regime into a trial. The revolution is now extended into many other squares which become like the Al Tahrier square. Revolutionaries are now surrounding the TV and media centres and more government offices. In AL Swies city important offices and building now controlled by the people. The revolutionaries are now preparing to penetrate and control more government offices.

There are some more army officers joined the revolution and the numbers are increasing reaching more than 15 officers now. The army will at the end will stand with the people and may determine the fate of the regime and put an end to this situation before it escalate to a serious condition.

The country functionally is now in the hand of the revolutionaries and the people and it is a matter of time that they will control all the offices and the broadcasting media. It seems that Hosni Mubarak down estimated the power of this revolution and he and his regime will pay a heavy price soon.

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