Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Libyan dictator commits criminal war massacres against the Libyan people

Moaamar Al Gadhafi the dictator of Libya used mercenaries from Africa and from Black Water to kill the demonstrators in Benghazi and other cities by using Anti-Aircraft weapons!

Thousands were wounded and killed for the last 3 days with near complete silence from the international media and the Human Right organizations. The Libyan regime got these AR weapons from the Western countries which said nothing about this massacre! The people of Libya want nothing other than freedom, democracy, and civilized regime that respect the human rights for all people.

We know that in 2003 Gadhafi signed an agreement with the West and America that his regime will not produce nuke weapons and on the same time America will support his regime to remain in power! This is another anti-human right act that America commits against the people in the Arab world region.

It is shame on the other countries to remain silent on the massacres committed by Gadhafi against his people. This regime not only violates the human rights but he committed war crimes against defenceless people requesting basic human rights that contradict this regime existence. Gadhafi bought his crime in Lockerbie by money and bought the Pan-American by submissiveness while these two governments gave him the green light to stay in power! This is nothing but farce and it is shame on them.

The Libyan army and the other security forces are part of the Libyan people and they will not remain silent while they see Gadhafi and his regime killing their brothers and sisters by African mercenaries. Soon the army and all other Libyan forces will stand with the people against the criminal regime.

Victory is for the Libyan people the sons of Omar Al-Mukhatar and shame is for all the criminals and those who stand with them or those who keep silent.

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