Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

At the end the revolution in Egypt attain victory

Last night the dictator of Egypt and the puppet of Israel and America insisted that he is staying in power until September. The people on the other hand were decisive to continue to achieve one of two things, either victory or martyrdom.

The end of Mubarak is the end of a complete era in which America and Israel supported the dictator against the people and tried to split Egypt completely from its Arabic body. The American president Obama this night was not so successful to mention that America is with the Egyptian people and he was hearing them. He should be more honest and apologise on behalf of America to the Egyptian people about 30 years of support that America provided for the dictator of Egypt. America still providing full support for all of the other Arab dictators while America knows what is these dictators are doing for their people. In fact America may well support the oppression of the Arab people to provide support (as they believe) for Israel security. America thinks that the oppression of the Arab people and the support of their oppressors (the Arab dictators) is one of the conditions to support their protection of Israel and the Western interests (namely the oil). It is the American responsibility and the West with Israel of course who are responsible for the Arab oppression. Moreover they (America, the West and Israel) are deceiving their people first and the others too that they support freedom, democracy and human rights which are not true.

The revolution started in Tunisia and Egypt but still there are dictators and oppressions in all the other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, and Somalia. One of the most oppressing dictators in the Arab world is the Saudi regime. The tsunami will reach them soon.

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