Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Gadhafi regime trembling and will fall soon

The dictator of Libya grin his blood stained teeth when he committed crimes against humanity. There is news coming from Libya that there are at least one thousand people killed in the last few days. Gadhafi used hired African mercenary killers by giving them thousands of dollars to kill the Arab people of Libya. On the same time Gadhafi lives his last few days or hours as his gang is now faltering.

There are news Gadhafi’s hired killers have done mass killings and genocides. The gangs of the Gadhafi hired African killers used against protestors weapons which are only used against tanks, rockets, air fighters, anti-aircrafts, and others. On the same time Gadhafi closed Libya from the outside world so as to commit his crimes without witnessed media. The horrifying pictures which were sent by the internet were the drop in the ocean about his crimes.

Libya is now an occupied country from the hired African killers and the people of Libya have all the right to liberate their country from these killers and the leader of these killers Gadhafi.

The revolution is now entering a new phase which will determine the result towards victory soon. The people of Libya were initially armless protestors calling for freedom and democracy. However after the mass killing by Gadhafi they have all rights to defend themselves against the mercenaries and anyone stands with these killers. The army and the other forces will stand and will say their last word to get rid of the dictator and his gangs.

The world is responsible to stand with the Libyan people and to declare this openly and strongly. They should request not only for Gadhafi to stand out but to bring him into a trail if he is going to survive his fate soon. It is shame for those who are silent or semi-silent and the stigma will continue to follow those who support the killers.

Victory is for the Arab people of Libya the country Omar Al-Mukhtar soon.

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