Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The road of the Egyptian revolution drawn by the revolutionary people only

One of the most disgusting terms that the Arabs do not want to hear is ‘The Path road’! This is the term that was used by America for the Palestinians problem with (Israel) for the last few years since 1990s.

This term brought nothing but more killing, terrors, destruction, division and other misery against the Palestinian people. On the other hand it provided support for (Israel) and the American Zionist interests in the region.

Yesterday the vice president of America Biden used the same term ‘road path’ or road map for the Egyptians! How disgusting is this?! Hearing such a term makes one to fell sick. On the other hand for any revolution there is no road map from outside especially when it comes from America. America supported all the dictators against their people including their big puppet Hosni Mubarak.

We do not have trust in America at all especially after the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab and Islamic countries. They killed us and destroyed our countries and America and its allies are responsible for all the bloodshed in Iraq and Egypt and other countries that they put their noses in. The American hands are stained with our people innocent blood including the Iraqi children who were killed from 1991 until now. America killed the Iraqis by two major wars and barbaric blockade for more than one decade.

Victory is for the revolution of Egypt against tyrant and dictator regime to achieve democracy and dignity.

The revolutionary people in Egypt are the best people to know and to draw their path and it is entering now its escalation toward victory.

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