Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Why America responsible for what is happening in the Arab world?

For many decades America is supporting all the oppressive regimes in the Arab countries. This support is mainly for two things the oil and Israel. The American policies were the same irrespective of the parties in power and are supported by the West. As a result of the American policies the Arab people remained under oppressive and dictator regimes for very long time.

The reason for the recent uprisings is because the world changed and the new Arab generations will not accept what their parents suffered from. The Arab governments are based on one family rule and becoming inheritance. This leads to the control of wealth in the hands of few members of that family while the others are suffering from the same family by oppression and poverty.

The American and Western wars on Iraq including killing one millions Iraqi children during the UN sanction left no scope for any trust for America and its allies by the Arabs and the Muslims in the region. There is a complete lack of trust by the new generations. The world is too small now and the technologies facilitated the reach for the facts and helped the revolutions.

America and the West will never have the same chance in the Middle East region again. Trust will take long time to be rebuilt if it is amenable. This needs a lot of actions on the top of it is for America to change its support from the dictators to the mutual respect and support with the people and not their oppressors. They have to change their policies towards the Palestinians issues by genuine support for a formation of Palestine state. America should end its war in Iraq and pull all of its troops from their without leaving any bases. They should also apologise about their killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis since 1991.

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