Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Zarqawi Fate

The fate of the mass murderer terrorist Abomusab Zarqawi after his injury in Al-Qaim is not yet known.

Iran quickly denied news report by the Sun which is a UK newspaper that Zarqawi has been transferred for treatment to Iran. Most likely he was transferred to Syria which again denied it but Syria denied before the existence of Saddam half brother and after pressure it gave up and handed him to the US forces in Iraq.

On the other hand the US and Iraqi forces surrounded Al-Tarmiyah area because of reports about Zarqawi seen in the village of El-Boshalal. No more information available yet.

Big operation by the Iraqi forces started today and some strong fighting going on now in Al-Amiriyah region between the Iraqi forces and the insurgents who attacked the court of Justice and a US convey just now.

The Wahabi insurgents (many of them are Saudis) have killed about 30 Shiite visitors to Zianab shrine after they returned from Syria to Iraq.

Every day there are families in Saudi Arabia receiving news of their sons killed in Iraq. Thousands of them returned recently from Syria to Saudi Arabia (according Syria) and at least 300 Saudis are still arrested in Syria however this not meaning that Syria stopped its support but the reverse. Syria only stops its support for the insurgents after the Baath regime in Syria toppled.

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