Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi government should give the terrorists what they like & deserve

The number of the terrorist attacks and the resultant damage in Iraq has been more than doubled in April 2005. The attacks escalated for the last few days after the new government took control.

The kidnapping of the Iraqis and the foreigners has been escalated after a quite time for a while. The latest is the Australian hostage.

The reported attacks by news against the police, the national guards, and the civilians are just part of more daily attacks. The un-usual day in the life of the Iraqis now is they day with out one single attack.

Although the Iraqi forces getting better & stronger with time but one of the most important factors for failures is the weakness of the armament of the Iraqi forces and the presence of corrupted disloyal workers. The Iraqi police and forces needs more advanced sophisticated heavy arms, cars, communication systems, armored vehicles, tanks and others. They need helicopters, transport airplanes and fighters. Training and specialization is one of the most important tasks.

The new government should make quick and decisive steps to clean up the police system from those who provide information to the insurgents.

The terrorists are supported by Sheikhs in some Mosques and these hypocrites should be arrested irrespective of their names or families or who are they.

The lack of punishment of the captured thugs is another important factor. If the criminals remained with out punishment the others will not be deterred from following their steps after a little threat followed by brain wash by the insurgents.

The government needs to implement a decisive and strong system of punishment. This should be immediately implemented including the long-awaited trial of Saddam and his regime.

I spite of the on going troubles there is a good thing which is the formation of the new first elected government for more than 50 years and the forward step to work for a constitution followed by general election for more stable government.

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