Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

British Election

BE is not as international as the US presidential election at least during our present time but it is very important for the UK citizens at least. One of the most important issues which affect this election as the case was with the US election is the war in Iraq.

We think that George W Bush without Tony Blair is a man with one hand who is unable to clap. GWB had a tank and TB is the one who provided it with fuel!

In 1991 the differences between GWB the father and Margaret Thatcher was that MT wanted to remove Saddam the devil from power but GWB bowed to the request of the Saudi Wahabist of keeping him in until they hit him hard in NY 2001!

Now the British people raised the issue of the Iraqi war and the presence of their troops there. The recent increase the terrorists’ attacks in Iraq used to a top extent against TB.
TB and Labour got a lot of problems but the British people are a little bit different from the American. They vote not to choice a new party but to get rid of the existed one! If the party stayed for long time in government and did well the British people will close their eyes and vote against it for the change. This is not going to happen this time not because of the Labour but because of the opposition parties. The Labour this time acted as the government and as the opposition party on the same time. This put the other parties in a big problem and the UK citizens find themselves when they look to the left they see Labour and when they look to the right for a change they see Labour!

On the other hand Michael Howard looked tired not as active as TB and Lib-Dem looked like a Scottish party only. TB acted as if he is in the opposition and wanted to come back for power! He is very clever.

In summary Labour is going to win small victory and with less seats in the House of Commons this time in which case he will have a tough time without good majority. He needs to work hard to reduce taxes, improve pension, keeps the sterling alive out of Europe, look after the interests of the minorities, and too many areas to be able to win next time otherwise this is going to be his last chance for long time to come. Helping Iraq to stand on its feet and to rebuild should be one of the main objectives of TB in his next office in number 10 Downing Street!

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