Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The good and the evil

The failure of security in Iraq following the end of the regime and the resultant occupation in 2003 is the major issue for achieving any improvement in the services and the reconstruction.

The present struggle in Iraq is between the good and the evil which are comprehensive terms determined by more than two opposite forces. Every single individual carry inside himself the two elements which compete with each other to dominate or take the lead.

The secretary of state Condoleezza Rice statement about including the negotiation with those who kill and terrorize is not right. It is also contradicting the war against terrorists. On the other hand Saddam trial has been delayed for long time which should not take longer because this will give moral support for the terrorists group!

Those who kill the innocents, rape the women kidnap the others and destroy the wealth of the country and their supporters have nothing to do with negotiations but needs to be treated the same way they treat us.

The killing and destruction in Iraq during April/May exceeded all the expectations and it is on the increase. If it was easy to write a single report about the daily attacks and terrorist crimes few months ago, now it became so difficult to count the daily killing and attacks. It is not possible to get an official report because of the iceberg phenomena of these crimes.

In spite of earlier reports of that Zarqawi was wounded in Ramadi, Al-Arabyiah TV broadcasted a voice tape which claimed to be for the thug. Similar language of threat used as before but this time the thug legalizes to kill as many as they may do among the civilians for the sake of get some American killed. He said that many of his Sheikhs (Wahabi/Salafi) produced fatwa’s allowing that killing to happen!

No wonder on the same day Hareth Al-Thari of (Haiyat Ulama Moslemen) which is salafi group, stated similar threats about civil war and offered his support for the Palestinians who were involved in the recent terrorists attacks. It is interestingly a mother of one of the Palestinians who was arrested and confessed of killing the Iraqi civilians in a car bomb in a market East of Baghdad; she told Al-Jazeera that her son went to complete his study in Baghdad! What a clever study without official papers or visa or registration with the appropriate school or university and during this time! The mother of course stated her say from the West Bank! Al-Jazeera may explain to her about this, or better Al-Jazeera will prepare itself for the wedding party of Raghad Saddam to a Qatari Prince! Possibly this will happen after Sajeda (Saddam’s wife) pay 75% off Al-Jazeera after she decided lastly to buy it!

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