Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq Neighbors

Few days ago the Kuwaiti authorities arrested a terrorist group among them are Saudis who are recruiting men and money for the terrorists in Iraq. The authorities expelled the Saudis and issued very light imprisonment for the Wahabi Kuwaitis!

The Saudi Wahabis provided continuous support for the terrorists in Iraq by men and money mainly via Syria.

It is wrong to think that both of these countries have ceased to provide such support. In Saudi Arabia they cast blind eye and in Syria they prepare too many logistic tools including training.

In spite of the concentration of the attacks on Baghdad now due to the weakness of the terrorists to do it in larger areas, the Iraqi security forces getting stronger with time and will have more arms and tanks in the near future. This factor plus the arrest of the top thugs of Al-Zarqawi group and his imminent capture make many of the terrorists to go back to Saudi Arabia and to Syria especially those who used Ramadi as a sanctuary after the recent joined attacks o their bases. This will lead to a situation similar to the return of the Afghani Arabs from Afghanistan to their countries. So the big trouble for these countries is a head.

There is an Iraqi say which mean (whoever dig a hole as a trap for his brother he will eventually fall in it). This is what is going to happen in Syria and Saudi Arabia possibly some other regional countries as well.

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