Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Heavy Strikes

The nets of the terrorists in Iraq received deadly strikes in the last weeks in spite of the latest car and suicidal bombs which represent the agony of death of the thugs.

Some of the big killers and rapists have been convicted and will be soon facing capital punishment. One of them who killed tens of innocent people confessed that he used to plug off the eyes of his victims with his fingers then cut them with razor before he kills them. They raped several women and young girls (children) before beheading them.

The US and Iraqi forces continued the attacks against the insurgents in the west especially in Hadietha, Ramadi and Abo-Ghareb area. More than 250 have been arrested among them an important aide to the Jordanian terrorist Zarqawi who was arrested early today and the leader of his group in Sammara.
The arrests and immediate interrogations provided important information which helped to dismantle and arrest the nets.

Zarqawi received serious wounds in his hand, shoulder and upper chest. His wounds got infection and possible gangrene. He may also have lung puncture and was then moved possibly to Syria where he is treated there.

If the Iraqi government would like to hit the head of the insurgents strongly and effectively they should finish Saddam trial and put him into justice that he deserves. This will cut the hope of a large number of his supporters and will send a clear signal to his alike in and outside Iraq.

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