Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Zarqawi wounded

As we mentioned before (the big criminal) Abo-Mosab Zarqawi wounded and treated in Ramadi hospital is proved right.

The terrorist web sites confessed today that he is wounded.

There are strong indications that his wounds were infected which then led to gangren.

The thugs’ site asked Muslims to pray for this killer however the Muslims will pray that soon he will expect his place in the fire HELL.

Decisive and strong actions needed

More than 150 Iraqi civilians and at least double the number were wounded since Monday in Baghdad and other areas.

Almost all the attacks carried out by booby-trapped cars. The best solution for this problem then should concentrate on how to prevent car bombs. There are many ways to control it but the best way is to stop the use of private cars entirely.

If this is not feasible, the Iraqi government should implement extreme temporary measures like:

Extreme restriction should be implemented on all parts of the city with complete restriction on the hot areas. There should be no cars allowed at all in these areas.
Cars are not allowed to park in the main roads at any time for more than 2 minutes with a car driver should be inside.
Any parked car without driver at any time should be immediately treated as a suspicious object and treated so.
Car parks near the city areas or offices should be closed or extreme measures taken to check the cars.
Measures should be taken to reduce the number of allowed cars everywhere.
There should be speed limits of not more than 20 KPH inside the city areas and up to 10 KPH near the offices.
Creation of a safe areas of no traffic where needed up to a limit of more than 100 meters or more.
Stopping and searching cars on roads randomly and obligatory in certain parts by creating Special Forces, just for that purpose.
Inspecting and searching the car repair areas to make sure not used for booby trappings.
Using the satellite pictures with the help of the US services about that to un-cover any suspected houses or sites for terrorist activities or car trapping.
No cars should be allowed to park near the mosques or churches.
There are other measures which can be taken and specialist group for such purpose should be formed and engage to review the situation and implement roles over the hours.
Experts from other countries that got anti-terrorist experience may be asked for help, advice and training.

In spite of that it is not only private cars which should be restricted and inspected but high alert situation should be considered about the use of police cars, ambulances, fire or other services cars. Recently cows and before that donkeys and even booby-trapped bodies or coffins were used.

More than that the suicidal thugs may even swallow explosives or insert them inside their rectums!

The news from the city of Tal Aafar today indicates that the terrorist controlled the main hospital in the city and used it for their purposes. Civilians in that city near Mosel have to move their patients to Sinjar which put them at sever risk and many of them have died before they reach hospital. The problem is that the thugs may use the hospital as a base for making chemical or easier biological weapons.
For such thing the strategy from now should be like this:

Any area where the terrorists may stay or use should be to evacuate children and women by giving them a warning after surrounding the area from all directions and air. The rest should surrender or die. Give those 24 hours so as the innocent will come to surrender and the rest should be crush of course with tactic to avoid innocent casualties. Those who surrender should be investigated carefully before released. If suspicion rose then keep them in until proved otherwise.

Without decisive action by the Iraqi government and help of the coalition forces and information the terrorists will kill more.

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